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Amicable ~ St. John’s Lodge # 25 Our Foundation :

Amicable Lodge # 25, now known as Amicable ~ St. John’s Lodge #25, was granted a Maryland Freemason lodge charter from the Grand Lodge of Maryland in 1797 the same year Baltimore City was formed. Making Amicable ~ St. John’s one of the oldest Freemason Lodges in Maryland. During the 215 years the Lodge has been very active in the history of our country. During World War II Amicable Lodge raised $5,647,800 during the War Bond drives leading all Lodges of the State. A Heavy Bomber was christened “Amicable Lodge” in our honor. During the last few years Amicable Lodge has merged with Cassia Lodge # 45 on March 1, 2001, Centre Lodge #108 on November 6, 2002 and St. Johns Lodge # 34, December 1, 2006. The name of the Lodge was changed to Amicable ~ St. Johns Lodge # 25. We are a very active and growing lodge in Maryland, with over 600 brothers. We look forward to the future of the Lodge and the many new brothers whom will join and keep with Its long and historic traditions.

Next Regular Meeting

November 3, 2016  @ 7:30 pm

Regular meeting and business

There will be refreshments.



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Meetings held in the Roman Room of the Grand Lodge Building, 302 International Circle, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030. We meet formally the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month. In the event of bad weather check out this website for announcements regarding cancellations

Amicable St. Johns Lodge # 25 Chartered June 21, 1797 25 Have an update on a Brother or family member, Please tell Us. Click here to email Bro Bob
Brother Benjamin Chew Howard Brother Oden Bowie  Brother William Henry Winder Brother John Crawford Brother William Donald Schaeffer Brother Royal Pollokoff (Parker) Brother Judge Meyer Cardin Some historical documents & brothers who  helped shape the world & Maryland history Past Master Portrait 2012 Past Master Portrait 1992 Lodge members in need of relief, click here Installation Portoraits 2015 Installation Pictures 2015

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2015 Blood Donors:

WB Mark Pearlstein 1 unit- 5/4/15 @ ARC, 1 unit 6/21/15 @ARC, 2 units 8/12/15 @ARC, 9/30/15 1 unit

WB Alex Barenblitt 2 units blood donation on 6/22/15 at ARC

WB Ron Winer 1 unit, 7,13,2015 at ARC, White Marsh, MD  

If you would like to donate the gift of life, please contact Bro. Alan Levin

Catechism Class Schedule

1st and 3rd weeks of the month - FC Class on Thursdays at Grand Lodge @ 6:30 PM, just prior to a regular Lodge meeting

2nd, 4th, and 5th weeks of the month (when there is a 5th Wednesday of the month) on Wednesdays at Grand Lodge @ 6:30 PM.

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